Trio Eagle Cam Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge Live Stream

Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge © 2020 Stewards UMRR

View the live stream Eagle Cam located on YouTube. The Trio Bald Eagle Nest that is located in the backwaters of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge near Lock and Dam 13, Fulton IL on the Mississippi River. This Trio consists of two males and one female (Valor 1, Valor II and Starr).

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This project is in partnership with US Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service and JCWifi. However we need your help. If you want to help keep our camera’s rolling please go to our webcam page and click on Donate with Paypal.

Please go to the Stewards Facebook page for photo updates. You need not be a Facebook user to view.

FAQ – What is the bright light at night? This is an infrared camera that allows us to see them. They don’t know its there.

FAQ – Why don’t I see all three adults? At different times of nesting season, there will be limited times that all adults will be at the nest. Be assured that if you don’t see them on the nest they are in the trees near by.

FAQ – Why are they shaking their heads? Generally in May, Gnats are in full “bloom” and we are all shaking our heads.