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What are the northern lights?

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. They are known as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora australis’ in the south..
Auroral displays appear in many colours although pale green and pink are the most common. Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have been reported.

What do I need to know to get started with a new website?

You can give us some insights into the size of the website you need and features you that you would like programmed into the site.  We will need to view your current marketing materials.  We are here to help create content if needed for your new website or existing website(s) from logo design, website graphic design to digital photography, drone photography, 4K Video, action photos, staff photos, location photography including your shop, office, and aerials of your business / land / real estate if desired.   Each section of the web site can have text, images galleries, videos, links, etc…  Do have images we can use for the site?

How much does it cost for a website?

Whats your budget? In order for us to provide a quote we need to schedule an initial meeting or phone call to discuss your project. For appointments please call (920) 434-9772 or fill out our online form with the details of the proposed project. It is difficult to provide a cost of your project without knowing the details of your project & your goals. Common sense tells you that larger sites take more time to put together then smaller sites. After our initial meeting or phone call we will put the plan in writing and provide you with a free estimate.  Fox Valley Web Design works on a first come, first serve basis.  Contact us today to get started.

What eMail marketing program do you recommend?

We use Mail Chimp for our online newsletters and email marketing. We encourage you to try MailChimp – click here.  Its free for life until your client email list tops 2000 email addresses then you can move up to one of their affordable email marketing packages for your professional online marketing needs.

Can you help with registering a domain name?

Yes we can. The appropriate domain name (for example is important to your online success and we can help you find & register the best domain name for your business. We purchase & maintain a lot of our client’s domain names.  Owning a domain name is like a license plate for your car – it tells who the owner is and you need to renew it every year. Consider multiple domain names.  As an example our main domain is but we also own which forwards to the main domain.   I tend to run in my advertising as its less keystrokes.

What if I don’t have a company logo?

We can help create a complete corporate identity & branding for your business or organization. This includes a professional logo in vector format. We start with creating a new company logo based on the brand strategy.

Can I make changes to the website?

Most of our clients appreciate the simplicity of the content managers from WordPress or Drupal.   Check out information about website content managers here.