About the owners Gary & Amy Arndt

I grew up in a family business, Arndt’s Brillion Meats, est. 1929, by my grandfather Otto who passed the business onto my father Clayton.   My first experience with a computer was in 1981 with a TRS 80 and Apple II. I taught myself the Basic Programming language from the books that came with the computer.  I remember backing up my code to a cassette tape deck and my monitor was a 12″ TV.    In the early 90’s when America Online Line (AOL) offered internet access, I taught myself how to build/code a website from tutorials I had found online and the graphic design part just came natural to me with graphic design products from Adobe like Photoshop,  Illustrator and Page Mill.

After high school I attended Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton for marketing & computer programming. My interests in computers & artistic design kept growing and so did my knowledge. I became licensed in Wisconsin to sell real estate which led me to my first commercial websites in the middle 1990’s for the real estate firm Wisconsin Land Company.  They had 3 offices through out the state and wanted a website for each one.   I also started shooting 360 degree virtual tours and in those early days I had to use a special tripod to help take 16 level shots to produce / stitch together one panorama photo.  It took days to edit & create a virtual tour and boy how technology has changed for the better to streamline this process.   My current virtual tour camera can shoot a complete hi-resolution 360 in less then 30 seconds and auto stitch the photos making lite work for us in the editing room and bringing the costs of virtual tours way down.

Over the years we have worked with alot of different industries  providing new website design, website redesign, logo design, graphic design for web or print, custom PHP programming, secure & affordable website hosting with email, unique virtual tour photography, online store, shopping cart development, merchant accounts, SSL certificates or search engine submissions, we can help.

We continue to evolve, upgrade and lead. We stay on top of the latest trends and standards from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Take a look at the some of client sites on we have posted throughout our website  and in our Client Portfolio section. These are well know, professional businesses, organizations & associations who have been around for many years. We have developed unique solutions for these clients and they have been with us for 5, 10, & 19 years.

Do some online research on your industry & competition so when we speak, you can give us some insights into the size of the website you need and features you may have seen on other websites that you like. Get your content together & organized. Each section of the web site needs text, images, links, etc… We are familiar with a lot of different industries and encourage you to contact any of our clients listed on this website and ask them about us. We have maintained a A+ rating from the BBB since we joined in 2006.

Fox Valley Web Design is a trademarked and has been a fun, full-time business for 19 years. We are easy to work with and like to get things done in a timely manner and within your budget. All projects start with a free evaluation & estimate. We look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you.

If you feel your business or organization is a good fit with us, please call 920-434-9772 to get the ball rolling. Enjoy Wisconsin year-round!